Next-generation Blockchain Security With Automated Reasoning

Smart Contract Audits

based on our proprietary audit platform

$300M+ secured with
our audits

Security Audit Platform

automated tools for developers and auditors

30K+ contracts scanned
and certified

Security Monitoring

ideal for exchanges and response teams

250K+ transactions per week

Smart Contract Audits

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We identify security vulnerabilities and certify the functional correctness of smart contracts and blockchain projects.
We have extensive experience with complex projects, such as decentralized exchanges, multi-party computation protocols and high-value enterprise systems.
A selection of public audits performed by us can be found in our GitHub repository.

  • Swiss Expertise

    Our team consists of PhDs and graduates in blockchain security from ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  • Machine-Checked

    We use our audit platform to check for vulnerabilities and certify correctness

  • $300+ Millions

    The smart contracts audited by our experts have raised over $300 millions

Audit Process

We follow a professional audit process to guarantee high quality and speed:

  • Quote

    Based on code and documentation and the agreed scope

  • Audit

    We audit the code using our proprietary audit platform

  • Final Report

    We mark issues as fixed and publish the report (if you agree)

  • Updated code

    You improve the code according to findings

  • Intermediate report

    Sent privately to you, includes all findings and suggestions

Our Clients

We have worked with 30+ clients around the world:

Security Audit Platform

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Next-generation blockchain security with automated reasoning

Try our popular security scanners for ETHEREUM (SECURIFY) and HYPERLEDGER FABRIC


The security audit platform is based on our state-of-the-art security tools:

  • Security Scanner

    Scans smart contracts for critical vulnerabilities using an extensivel list of proprietary security patterns. Available for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Symbolic Verifier

    Certifies smart contracts with respect to a functional specification defining the intended behavior of the contracts (e.g., maximum supply of tokens is < 1M).

  • AI-Based Testing

    Learns from thousands of contracts and transactions to generate tests that often achieve higher coverage than manually written tests.

How Does It Work?

Our security audit platform evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with
respect to a custom function specification:

Smart Contract

Source code and deployment scripts


Formalizes the intended behavior

Audit Platform

Security Report

Lists security vulnerabilities and certified/violated requirements

  • Research

    Based on the latest research from the ICE center, ETH Zurich

  • Contribute

    Join our community and contribute to the project

  • In The Media

    Covered by top technology online publishers

  • Partners

    Securify is funded by the Ethereum Foundation Grants program

Security Monitoring

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Our monitoring inspects smart contracts on-chain to ensure compliance and absence of security exploits

  • Why Monitor?

    • Confirm trust assumptions
    • Identify anomalies
    • Track user behavior
  • What to monitor?

    • Trust assumptions
    • Unexpected errors
    • Performance metrics
  • Who needs it?

    • Token exchanges
    • Decentralized applications
    • Investors

Monitoring Features

Try our DEMOS on the popular MAKERDAO and BEAUTY COIN tokens

  • Public Dashboard

    Let investors and users know that
    the smart contracts are all green

  • Private Dashboard

    Track user behavior and anomalies
    to identify potential problems

  • Alerting

    Receive private alerts quickly to
    react on time

Automated run-time monitoring tool is much needed in this space in addition to all static analysis tools. ChainSecurity Monitoring offers an additional layer of protection to end users and platform operators by helping detect potential malicious or anomaly behaviors on smart contracts early. - Loi Luu, CEO Kyber.Network


Our products are based on the latest research in the areas of system security, program analysis, and machine learning.
For information about projects, lectures, and talks, visit


    Hubert obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich in the area of blockchain and cloud security.


    Petar obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich in the area of automated security analysis and verification.


    Matthias holds a Master degree from ETH Zurich and has experience in security software engineering and management.


    Anton holds a Master degree from ETH Zurich and specializes in symbolic verification of smart contracts.


    Fabiola is a communicator and a deal maker currently driving business growth and partnerships at ChainSecurity.


    Dominic holds a Master degree from ETH Zurich and specializes on the security of the Ethereum platform.


    Nico has background in finance and analysis of geometric chart patterns and is currently focusing on smart contract security.


    Jitendra is a seasoned developer who has discovered multiple major security issues in popular smart contracts.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Petar has a bachelor degree in computer science and is passionate about blockchain security.


    Martin is an Associate Professor at ETH Zurich working on software security and reliability.


    Laurent is an Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich working on network security and reliability.

  • YOU?

    We are hiring. If you like to solve hard problems and improve security, apply at