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We conduct smart contract audits since 2017. ChainSecurity works with blue chip DeFi protocols, promising new Web3 projects, central banks and large organizations.

We conduct smart contract audits since 2017. ChainSecurity works with blue chip DeFi protocols, promising new Web3 projects, central banks and large organizations.

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  • ChainSecurity went above and beyond our expectations when it came to the audit of our Liquidations 2.0 upgrade of the MakerDAO Protocol. They were the perfect partner to support the biggest upgrade of the protocol since its launch.
    Wouter Kampmann, Head of Engineering
  • We appreciate ChainSecurity for very deep and thoughtful analysis!
    Michael Egorov, CEO
  • We are completely satisfied with this engagement. ChainSecurity team was very flexible about slot booking and provided deep code analysis with non-trivial findings.

    I’ve asked around about this whole experience and everyone considers your work over the top, thank you so much! ❤️
    Lido on Ethereum contributors
  • ChainSecurity has been an outstanding security partner who has earned our admiration and respect based purely on their technical competence and skill. They always go above and beyond to ensure their auditing is of the highest quality, and they are consistently excellent over the many projects we have done together.
    Jared Flatow, VP of engineering
  • ChainSecurity’s dedication, level of professionalism and technical capability during the audit of Bancor v3 were as impressive as it can get. They are definitely one of the obvious partners for current and future versions.
    Yudi Levi, Chief Architect
  • With their thorough and high quality audits, ChainSecurity has been one of Kyber Network’s primary auditors for years now. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them for many more years to come as we keep growing the frontiers of blockchain.
    Loi Luu, CEO
  • ChainSecurity did a rigorous and thorough report of Morpho’s contracts in spite of its inherent complexity and uniqueness. We enjoyed such professionalism and attention to details. We are confident this audit will harness Morpho’s security level.
    Merlin Egalité, Co-founder
  • We've worked with many Smart Contract auditors in the last five years and ChainSecurity quickly differentiated themselves as a leader in the space. They have relevant DeFi expertise, professional work ethic and have always been a reliable partner.
    Mona El Isa, CEO
  • The ChainSecurity team went the extra mile to ensure the HOPR token and distributor contracts are secure. They even identified and resolved a complex issue in the ERC777 implementation by OpenZeppelin that's used by many projects in the space.
    Dr Sebastian Bürgel, HOPR Founder
  • Chainsecurity did an absolutely amazing job working with us. The team is very knowledgeable, solid, and professional in every way. They definitely rank among the leaders of the space.
    Justyna Broniszewska, Head of Engineering

Swiss Expertise

Our team consists of PhDs and graduates in blockchain security from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, #1 ranked university in Europe.

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Global Experience

Our team is led by former Big 4 professionals, with a global mindset and long-term business vision.

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