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Swiss security experts from ETH Zurich, #1 ranked university in Europe. Trusted by 75+ major clients.

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Ethereum Token Audit

Do you need a security audit for your token? Accepted at exchanges and trusted by investors and the community? We built a fully-featured ERC20 token audit powered by cutting-edge technology, allowing everyone to get the best security available. Learn more ...

Swiss security experts from ETH Zurich, #1 ranked university in Europe. Trusted by 75+ major clients.

$1B+ secured

We have secured complex systems for top blockchain clients
(e.g. stable coins and decentralized exchanges) and multinational organizations (e.g. banks)

What our customers say
We are extremely pleased with our choice. All the security auditors were great to work with and their services were professionally conducted. I would recommend ChainSecurity to anyone looking for top notch secure solutions for blockchains and smart contracts.
Shaun Djie, COO
What our customers say
Automated run-time monitoring tool is much needed in this space in addition to all static analysis tools. ChainSecurity Monitoring offers an additional layer of protection to end users and platform operators by helping detect potential malicious or anomaly behaviors on smart contracts early.
Loi Luu, CEO
What our customers say
Chain Security's service was timely and professional despite given the tight deadline. Their detailed audit report helped us rectify potential problems in our smart contract, and also provided useful recommendations for improvements.
What our customers say
We see that many people are scared of smart contracts, mostly because they aren’t technical enough to understand them and how to use them. ChainSecurity’s auditing tools are a great step forward in helping businesses trust the capabilities of this new technology.
Gordon Mickel, CEO
What our customers say
ChainSecurity's platform and experts were extremely helpful in securing BlockV's smart contracts. Thank you for the dedication and fine attention to detail!
Lukas Fluri, COO
What our customers say
ChainSecurity did a supremely thorough job of auditing every aspect of our token contract, going above and beyond by seeing us through to a successful WLK token sale with perfect communications & professionalism and patience to educate along the way. Wolk considers itself lucky to have worked with best in working with ChainSecurity!
Sourabh Niyogi, CEO
What our customers say
We were attracted by the fact that they span out from the security lab at ETH Zurich (Switzerland's answer to MIT). We kept coming back and continue referring them to others for their professionalism and commitment.
Dave Appleton, Blockchain Lead
What our customers say
When we were evaluating auditors for the Polkadot Claims Contract, the team at ChainSecurity impressed us with their track record of successful audits and their tooling for verifying properties of smart contracts. For the audit, they were able to functionally verify twelve properties of our smart contract to ensure the immutability of critical state that is needed to bootstrap Polkadot genesis. They helped to identify design, trust, and security concerns in the contract and we were able to work together to resolve each of these. If we have further opportunities for our security needs, we would consider engaging ChainSecurity again.
Logan Saether, Web3 Foundation
ChainSecurity provided us with a highly professional audit on our smart contract. The impressive track record, reachability and efficiency of the team are big factors for why we would always gladly do another audit with them.
Christian Junger, CEO & Co-Founder
We have repeatedly relied on ChainSecurity’s reviews for our smart contracts managing equity on Ethereum. The reviews have consistently provided us with valuable insights allowing us to go into production with full confidence. The team is highly competent, dedicated and very easy to work with.
Thank you!
Benjamin Rickenbacher, CTO
While evaluating auditors for the BRIDGE contracts, ChainSecurity demonstrated that they are one step ahead of others with their innovative tooling. They were able to quickly identify various concerns and their availability, openness and deep knowledge simplified our task to find the appropriate fixes. We intend to maintain a long term relationship with ChainSecurity.
Sébastien Krafft

Swiss Expertise

Our team consists of PhDs and graduates in blockchain security from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, #1 ranked university in Europe.

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Formally Verified

We use our state-of-the-art formal verification system for smart contracts to guarantee that your contracts are free of correctness and security issues.

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