Secure solutions for blockchains and smart contracts

Blockchains and smart contracts promise to automate, decentralize, and increase the transparency of many real-world processes. A number of publicly reported security incidents, such as the DAO hack and bugs in the parity multisignature wallets, have shown that proper security means are lacking. At ChainSecurity, we aim to strengthen the weak links through our expert consultations and innovative security solutions.


HelloGold Audit completed

ChainSecurity has completed the audit for the HelloGold Foundation including those contracts that constitute the HelloGold Token, the GoldBacked Token as well as the corresponding token sale. Based on these tokens HelloGold offers Ethereum users the chance to easily and in small quantities by gold. HelloGold's developer Dave Appleton also was kind enough to write a blog post about the audit from his perspective. Feel free, to review the complete audit report here.

HydroMiner Audit completed

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the audit with HydroMiner. They offer an exciting token based on green mining. More concretely, the token promises rewards based on hydro-powered mining of digital currencies. To achieve this, they leverage natural advantages in the Austrian Alps. During our audit no critical issues were found. Feel free, to review the complete audit report here.

Cointed Bug Bounty successfully completed

The bug bounty in collaboration with Cointed has been successfully completed. There were a number of submitted issues. However, no critical issues were found. You can find the full result here. ChainSecurity was very happy in helping Cointed to judge and prioritize the submitted issues.

Bug Bounty in Collaboration with Cointed

We are excited to announce that we will be advising the Cointed Token Bug Bounty. Cointed already offers several services related to cryptocurrencies including a fast and convenient exchange. We had the pleasure of assisting them in the development of their Cointed Token Smart Contracts. As Cointed is going to great length to ensure the security of their smart contracts, they are now launching a bug bounty. You can find all the information about the bug bounty here.


Smart Contract Audits

We offer three kinds of security audits. All audits include automated checking using our state-of-the-art security tools, which guarantee a higher level of assurance compared to the traditional best-effort manual audits.

  • Security Audit

    (1-2 days)
    • Scan for common vulnerabilities with state-of-the-art tools
    • Manual analysis of results
  • Expert Audit

    (1-2 weeks)
    • Scan for common vulnerabilities with state-of-the-art tools
    • Manual analysis of results
    • Expert code review
    • Developer consulting
    • Public and private report
  • Comprehensive Audit

    (2-4 weeks)
    • Scan for common vulnerabilities with state-of-the-art tools
    • Manual analysis of results
    • Expert code review
    • Checking custom security requirements
    • Developer consulting
    • Public and private report

Expert Blockchain Consultation

We guide our clients to design secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain products. Blockchains and the underlying smart contracts and protocols they support come with different security and scalability guarantees. We consult our clients in choosing the precise set of technologies that best suite their use cases.

Token Design

We help future token issuers to design the functionality of their tokens and the associated token sale. Tokens can have a variety of types and features that influence security, trustworthiness, and usability. We help token issuers pinpoint the features that are most important for them and support them in launching an efficient token sale.

Bug Bounties

We organize bug bounty campaigns to allow users from the community to discover security bugs. We carefully evaluate all user responses to weight the severity of each reported issue based on potential impact and likelihood of exploitability.

Certified Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contracts according to the latest coding practices and security standards. Given the specified requirements and the smart contract design, we perform the implementation along with an extensive test suite. Our implementations aim to be as efficient as possible which ultimately saves money during contract deployment and use.


  • Dr. Arthur Gervais

    Arthur obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich on blockchain security.

  • Dr. Petar Tsankov

    Petar obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich on automated security.

  • Hubert Ritzdorf

    Hubert has nearly finished his PhD from ETH Zurich on cloud security.

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev

    Martin is an Associate Professor at ETH Zurich working on software security and reliability.

  • Quentin Hibon

    Quentin is finishing his MSc from ETH Zurich on smart contract security.