Yearn Smart contract audit by ChainSecurity

yDiscount Smart Contracts

Security Audit

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During this assessment, we did not uncover any severe issues and in summary, we find that the codebase provides a high level of security.

It is important to note that security audits are time-boxed and cannot uncover all vulnerabilities. They complement but don’t replace other vital measures to secure a project.

About yDiscount Smart Contracts

Yearn implements a program allowing Yearn contributors to buy YFI at a discount each month, the discount is subject to the duration of their veYFI lock and the purchased YFI are immediately locked into veYFI according to the contributor’s current lock.

Yearn Finance is “a suite of DeFi tools and products in an interconnected financial ecosystem running on various smart contracts. The yEarn Finance ecosystem is community-controlled and governed via a governance token called YFI.”