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Security Audit

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The planned merge of Keep Network (KEEP token) and NuCypher (NU token), will form a new network called Threshold network with a new native token called T. The contracts under review offer KEEP and NU holders to wrap and unwarp their tokens into the newly created T tokens and a staking contract to stake them but simultaneously supports the legacy staking contracts.

About Threshold Network

Threshold Network is a decentralized threshold cryptography network with its genesis in the merger of the NuCypher and Keep networks. It provides developers with a suite of threshold cryptography primitives including threshold signatures, proxy re-encryption, distributed key generation, and a random beacon. It’s used by developers to build asset bridges (such as tBTCv2, a decentralized wrapped Bitcoin) as well as data privacy and access controls into their applications.

We’re very thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with ChainSecurity on their security audit of the Threshold Network, the new network formed by the merger of NuCypher and Keep. The staking contracts in Threshold are complex: needing to account for T, NU, and KEEP stakers on one hand and multiple services (proxy re-encryption, tBTC, the random beacon, and more) on the other. ChainSecurity developed a holistic understanding of the system and its key parts, delivering an actionable review and suggestions that directly benefited and improved the contracts being reviewed.
MacLane Wilkison, Co-founder & CEO (NuCypher)