Q Blockchain smart contract audit by ChainSecurity

Q Blockchain

Security Audit

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Q Blockchain is an Ethereum based chain with a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, on-chain governance framework, built-in stablecoin system, and numerous other features. Majority of those system elements are implemented as on-chain smart contracts, that interact with each other. The native token of Q Blockchain is called Q token.

About Q Blockchain

“Q combines the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency of enforceable private contracts. Whether you want to interact with other businesses, build decentralized applications or simply send and receive tokens: Q is for you.”

Source: Q.org

The Q development team highly appreciates the audit performed by ChainSecurity.

The matter of the audit consisted of a large number of highly interrelated smart contracts that compose a complex onchain protocol.

The auditors' quick uptake and deep understanding of the overall system was very impressive.

At the same time, their skill on the lowest coding level was equally impressive.

The combination of these two qualities, among others, led to the discovery of some hard-to-spot yet easy-to-fix issues.

With this code audit, the Q blockchain has reached a new level in terms of maturity and maintainability.

For our ongoing development, we are already planning follow up audit sessions with ChainSecurity.
Tobias Latzke, Q Core Team