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Gearbox V2

Security Audit

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Gearbox implements a general-purpose leverage protocol for ERC-20 tokens. The system is modular and consists of different parts. This report covers the new Gearbox V2 system. V2 consists of the samemodules as V1.

All modules work together within a release, some of the modules can be used acrossreleases. The following release-overarching combinations have been considered in this audit:V2 credit system connecting to a V1 Pool Service and the V1 AccountFactory / Credit Accounts.Other combinations have not been reviewed. Notably PriceOracle of V1 cannot be used in V2. Adapterscount as part of the credit system and must not be used across versions.

About Gearbox V2

“Gearbox is a generalized leverage protocol: it allows you to take leverage in one place and then use it across various DeFi protocols and platforms in a composable way. The protocol has two sides to it: passive liquidity providers who earn higher APY by providing liquidity; active traders, farmers, or even other protocols who can borrow those assets to trade or farm with x4+ leverage.

The core vision is to become a backend composable leverage protocol that all kinds of users have but don’t even need to interact directly with any interface. You can envision building your own DeFi protocol and just making a “take leverage with Gearbox” as a button. And bam – your users are now more capital efficient. Or integrate Gearbox into a platform like Zerion or Zapper.”