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USDFI: AMM, Gauges and Bribes Smart Contracts

Security Audit

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During the review, no critical or highly severe issues were uncovered.

The most critical subjects covered in our audit are functional correctness, access control and signature malleability. The security regarding all the aforementioned subjects is high.

The general subjects covered are gas efficiency, code complexity, testing, and specification quality. Note that in the third version tests were added. The quantity and quality of tests, however, see Lack Of Testing, and gas efficiency can still be further improved.

In summary, we find that the codebase provides a good level of security.

It is important to note that security audits are time-boxed and cannot uncover all vulnerabilities. They complement but don’t replace other vital measures to secure a project.

About USDFI: AMM, Gauges and Bribes Smart Contracts

USDFI implements an ecosystem, which supports exchanges, including both constant (as in Uniswap V2) and stable swap. To incentivise liquidity providers to get engaged in the system, a bribing system as well as gauges are implemented to allow staking of LP tokens.

The unparalleled technical expertise, ethics, and professionalism demonstrated by Chainsecurity in their operations, execution and delivery is a testament to their exceptional leadership within the industry. It is with great pride that we recognize them as the most trusted partner for the USDFI protocol.
Dr. Michael Martin, USDFI