Oasis ChainSecurity smart contract audit

Oasis – Multiply Smart Contracts

Security Audit

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ChainSecurity audited the Oasis “Multiply” smart contracts.

Oasis provides a frontend for interacting with the Maker system which allows users to easily open a vault, deposit collateral and generate DAI backed by the locked collateral. Each user first deploys a DSProxy contract which is used to interact with the functionality provided. The proxy allows the user to execute code of the Oasis smart contracts aggregating functionality to perform certain actions wrapped in one transaction.

Like leverage trading that creates a larger position from a smaller investment amount, it is possible to use borrowed DAI from locked collateral to buy more collateral and use this collateral to borrow more DAI. By doing this repeatedly, long chains of exposure to the collateral can be generated. The new MultiplyProxyActions introduces the support for leverage actions while reducing the number of total transactions to one and the total number of transfers to the vault to one deposit by leveraging flash loans. Oasis’ new MultiplyProxyActions contract contains functionality allowing users to easily increase and decrease the multiply factor and, thus, simplifies actions for creating, withdrawing and modifying leveraged positions.

About Oasis – Multiply Smart Contracts

“Oasis.app mission is to provide the best and most trusted entry point to deploy your capital and benefit from all of the potential in DeFi. You can just connect your wallet, and borrow Dai by opening a Vault using your preferred crypto as collateral (such as ETH, wBTC, USDC, LINK and many more).


DeFi platforms like Oasis.app are reimagining the way access to financial products work¬†– helping investors to unlock the potential of cryptocurrency, without having to deal with high costs and third parties.”


Source: https://blog.oasis.app/cefi-vs-defi-what-is-the-difference/

Chain Security's team showed a high level of professionalism in the essential/engineering area and communication. They were helpful and open for dialogue while providing expertise and recommendations. Oasis.app must be a product our users can trust. We look forward to continuing our work with Chain Security to assure this trust.
Lukasz Baksik, Head of Operations at Oazo Apps Ltd. (oasis.app)