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Merkle Mountain Range (MMR): the case of Herodotus

A Merkle Proof is a cryptographically authenticated data structure widely used to minimize on-chain data storage. For instance, a Merkle proof against a Merkle root can support airdrop claims from a smart contract. Similarly, a Merkle Patricia Trie proof can verify the existence of a key-value pair in Ethereum’s state Trie. In this blog, we’ll…

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StarkNetID auto-renewal explainer

StarkNet ID recently launched a subscription feature for users. An auto-renewal contract has been implemented that facilitates the renewal of a user’s domain. This article explains the core functionality of this subscription feature, which we reviewed in our smart contract audit. Sections TLDR: Are my ETH approved for the contract safe from privileged roles? Technical…

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TSTORE Low Gas Reentrancy

In the upcoming Cancun hardfork, Ethereum will add a new exciting feature to its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Transient storage (EIP-1153) will be available to developers as a new data location for storing data with the lifespan of one transaction. The EIP states that transient storage “behaves identically to storage, except that transient storage is…

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